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Saturday, 28 November 2015

Here we HOBO again....

We have been down the Hobo path together and in the past...yet in fashion, the past is forever present and what goes around comes around.

Coach brought bag the Hobo bag for this season and I am super jazzed to say that I purchased it in green when I was in NYC at the end of summer....So imagine my unmitigated joy at seeing it in Coach's ad campaign ...

It is a super bag, light and practical and sits oh so snuggly on the shoulder that I don't even have to consider using the over the shoulder strap that can be attached to it....
...to be honest I find the strap to be a little on the slim side, liking a bolder strap to make more of a  statement. The "statement" Coach's wee strap makes... is one of  discomfort and insecurity.

So...moving on to the images:

*COACH NoMad HOBO in BUTTERSCOTCH*.....and shearling peacoat....

Monday, 23 November 2015

Riding on Coat Tails

....Still chasing that elusive coat...

Chanel's iconic tweed and oversized....

Blue and red tweed coat: £2,326

The caped crusader ....

Bottega Veneta's black and white wool cape: £1,155

I believe these shots were taken in Amsterdam...kind of looks familiar.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

LOUBOUTIN'S LIPS don't Lie.....

Yep! Here is round two for your delectation....Louboutin certainly wouldn't stop at Nail Polish... here is the Big Reveal for those....who aren't already in the know :

LOUBOUTIN LIP COLOUR has launched and looks like a piece of Egyptian jewellery... as precious as though it comes from Cleopatra's own boudoir.

Each different packaging contains a choice of either : sheer, matte or satin lip colour...there are 37 shades to choose from so choose wisely.....£65

Wednesday, 14 October 2015


The former editor of VOGUE PARIS has signed up for "bringing sexy back"...to Uniqlo....
.....then again one can hardly call anything sold at Uniqlo...sexy....until the 29th of October, of course.

So everyone with a modicum of fashion savvy, knows who Carine Roitfeld is....and if you think Anna Wintour is terrifying...well,she makes her look like a pussycat:

Just like Anna Wintour, Carine knows her stuff and she wielded a mighty sword when she was editor of VOGUE PARIS...but now she gets to share her fashion style with the common people. Lap it up, ladies!

Her 40 piece collaboration with Uniqlo...comes as well....erm.....a surprise?! This lady has a Rolodex of the best and most coveted designers on the planet so why on earth would she go high street?...Cos she is savvy, that's why!

As a staunch supporter of "curvier" girls, Carine has made it a point that her collection can accommodate the slim to the curvy without any jealous temper tantrums and that these pieces will retain their "chic-ness" despite the fact that they will be machine-washable...pure genius.

So what is left to be said....make sure you get there bright and early...because as any collaboration goes from H&M to Uniqlo...the early birds will get.....

Monday, 12 October 2015

Caught between a COAT and a hardplace....

Buying a coat is a pain in the butt...I try to go for a solid classic and hold on to it for at least 2 years...until I can't stand the sight of it a moment longer.

I am at that point...

So....what to get?

Now a cape is chic and sophisticated... as is this one by Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane but not your everyday...Lord I am freezing my tits off....alternative.
But I did buy one from COS...it is minimalistic black and as normcore as it comes for a pared down look. And ..it didn't cost the earth, so a no-brainer for my wardrobe.

But which direction to go coat wise?...I am so over camel (Max Mara)...just had it up to here with grey (Nicole Farhi)....

Could this stunning Celine lambskin be inspirational?....

Or do I go back to my Capt. Haddock roots and resume my love affair with a peacoat?

This one by Fendi gives "peacoats" a whole new vibe....and gives me direction.

Away with the fuddy duddy, belted camel coat, the mannish black below the knee or anything that hints at being different....this winter I want a 3/4 length peacoat with pizzazz...Fendi-esque it is!

Friday, 25 September 2015

Welcome to the Gucci Pet Shop

Autumn is officially upon us and as we start to leave our sandals for more adequate footwear I am happy to see that foot fur has now become a look du jour.

And by that I don't mean hairy toes...(God forbid) nor hairy feet...(eek!!)...but the unique crossover from Celine's fluffy Birkenstocks that sort of engulfed your feet to Gucci's creation of a puppy Chewbacca that has literally swallowed them....your feet...you are still with me, I hope.

UK Elle magazine quotes that you can:.." style them - with denim or a vintage print dress..." I beg to differ...you can wear these incredibly overpriced "slippers" in your uber chic chalet in Aspen ... while sipping on aged Cognac and making a playing card house out of your credit cards...
Come On Now!!! You wear these outside you will be mocked and vilified and ridiculed and let's not mention the fact that you will be cleaning the streets with your Gucci Swiffers wherever you go....at £1,230 go get thee a handbag.

On a more serious note:

Now this has more class and trend appeal and doesn't make we want to rush to the RSPCA and make a call for animal cruelty...

Ah...the tomfoolery of Fashion.

Saturday, 22 August 2015


 There is something about the insouciance that emanates  from Stella Tennant...that makes us  feel that we can pull these looks off without a hitch and with just as much gamine panache.

These looks are what my dream wardrobe would contain...minus the furry goat trotters...

Khaki parka:Sacai Luck £2,330
Checked wrap shirt:Rosetta Getty £720
White cotton shirt: No.21 £290
Silk trousers: Michael Kors £625
Fur "trotters": Brother Vellies £260....

Cotton jacket with stitch detail: Lanvin £2,105            
Jersey vest: Splendid £50                                                 
Cotton trousers: Dries Van Noten £326                          
Leather slides....who cares....         

Gabardine jacket: Lanvin £2,060
Cotton trousers:Dries Van Noten £247
Scarf: Hermes
Fur things on her feet...yuck....
Wool blazer £1,220 and trousers £565: Gucci               
Crepe de chine shirt:Hermes £1,010                              
Silk scarf: Hermes  

Tweed coat £5,550 and trousers £1,420 Chanel                                                                 Seersucker shirt: Ganni £180 
Sweater and jewellery ...Stella's own